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DTF Transfer Film ( Insta Peel ) 24in X 328.08 ft

DTF Transfer Film ( Insta Peel ) 24in X 328.08 ft


This film is specially formulated to provide amazing color clarity and unmatched performance at the heat press.

Low Transfer Temp (~280°F)

A good starting point for testing this film with your setup is around 280°F and 10 seconds.  If you use a 300+°F setup you'll likely find that you have to let the film cool after pressing before you can remove the film without lifting the print.  What's great about this lower temp film is that you can easily transfer Direct to Film (DTF) designs to polyester without worrying about dye migration and bleeding.  We have sucessfully transfered designs at as little as 265°F for 6 seconds, while maintaining washability and color fastness.

Instant Peel

No need to wait after pressing.  Unless we are trying to create a special texture we don't even do a second press.  Literally, press, peel, toss shirt in box... done.

Double Matte Coated

This film is coated on both sides.  There is the print side, which is coated to absorb ink and release it when pressed, but then the opposite side is coated as well.  This is to help ensure stable and smooth feeding during the print process.

Other Details

325' Rolls of Double Matte Hot Peel DTF Film will increase your print quality, hold all the ink you can throw at it and look great.  The matte coating on the non-print side allows this film to move through the printer, across heated platens, and through your shaker without creating drag or static electricity. 

Peel this film immediately after removing from your heat press for best results.  No Need to second press or wait to cool down.

Recommended Heatpress Settings

  • 280°F
  • 10 seconds
  • Heavy Pressure
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