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Custom Mesh Banners

Custom Mesh Banners


Mesh Banner

Mesh Banners are printed on 8 oz. coated polyester scrim mesh banner material.  This economical light weight material can be printable on one side and allows 37% air-flow through making it ideal for building, stadium and fence wraps.

Banner Printing

We print all banners using UV inks.  All our banners are printed at a minimum of 600dpi up to 2400dpi.  Why so different?  Small indoor banners are printed at 2400dpi and large outdoor banners are 600dpi.  We also have the capabilities or printing HUGE banners up to 196" wide seamless.  By printing and then welding sections together we create HUGE banners with little to no limitations on size.


8 oz. Mesh

Hem & Grommets

Hems are used to strengthen the banner edges eliminating curling and fraying Grommets are a good way to secure a banner for short term uses

Pole Pockets

A typical Pole Pocket is 3".  They are a good way to install banners for long term applications or for larger banners with a lot of weight.  Pockets distribute the load across the entire width of the banner unlike grommets which focus the load on a smaller point.

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